Beautiful Just the Way You Are

“This is brilliant and so necessary.”

“It think this is wonderful and I’m really looking forward to putting these up and will tell all the women I know. I’m thinking of giving them to my girlfriends as gifts… ”

“I am in Southern California, by the way…the land of complete plastic bodies, where anorexia is considered a passion and not a problem and tans are bought at a salon….It is all WRONG !!”

“This madness about superficial beauty has got to stop!!”

“Thank you SO very much for your bravery in starting this project.”

“I absolutely adore what you all are doing and would love to be a part of it.”

“The idea of the action is a great platform to start a small revolution, taking baby steps toward gaining back our respect as being seen as individuals, persons, and not objects.”

“I think its cool, and I’m going to take part in it.”

“I am also keeping some posters on the seat of my car, so that I can put them out any time I am at a store or other location.”

“I am glad that you are doing the ‘Beautiful’ posters and told us about it. Please keep making a difference in your classes because it makes a difference to us. I also wanted you to know that I am happy to see that professors are still committed to opening awareness in their student’s minds.”

“I left Borders the other night after placing some posters, smiling to myself. It is a really good feeling.”

“I recently discovered your campaign posters as I was perusing over a magazines in a Dorchester RiteAid. I was so moved and excited to see this message. I’d like to keep the movement going.”

“This is not only a women’s issue but a man’s issue as well. It is important for my sons to see pictures of real women and not be a part of the ridiculous concept of the woman’s image as projected by mass marketing that only stands to gain financially from women and men trying to fit this image. I’ll share your posters with my sons and husband as well. Thanks again for your activism.”

“I am a body activist and right now am working on a project in my home city where I am going to address issues concerning women’s shape and how media is discrediting the natural woman form that is beautiful (just the way it is).  I think your form of activism is a great idea and I believe giving other woman the POWER to stand up by getting involved by posting your flyers wherever they feel just, will empower one woman at a time spreading awareness on this topic which I feel very strongly about.”

“I just wanted to let you know that I have gotten together with Seattle’s Feminist Woman’s group and they find your project very exciting. We are all going to try to network more and more women who will request more flyers.”

“I have a woman in class who is about 40, starting college for the first time. She and her husband were at a mall over the weekend and she was telling him about the poster campaign. He looked around and saw a porn shop across the street.  So they went over and she asked her husband to distract the clerk, who was looking at her a bit weirdly, and she placed a whole bunch of posters on and around magazines and porn videos.”

“This is such a clever idea, and so long overdue!”

“I’m also highly concerned about the ways we buy (literally) the line that we’re not okay as we are.  I know better from my own personal journey and education and yet I STILL found myself at the RiteAid feeling a little too fat and wondering if I could read about how to look better…”

“I have two older daughters and your poster idea is FABULOUS!”

“I’d be happy to be a part of this; I have a daughter of my own now, and I don’t want her to grow up with the added weight of the media trying to force her to be up to their standards.”

“You are sharing an incredible gift all over the world and I am so glad that I am able to be apart of that! I have been so inspired by your project and would love to get involved.  Thanks so much for encouraging and inspiring people worldwide.”

“I am SO excited to receive the posters! It was only just tonight I was out with my friend putting up flyers that we hand made (about 50 of them!) in two busy streets.”

“Thank you for starting this and putting this back in the forefront of our minds… “

“I wholeheartedly support the message and the project, and thank you so much for getting the movement started!”

“I think it is a brilliant idea. I am a student at Stanford, and there’s a fairly big selection of magazines in the bookstore and on-campus mini-mart. I plan to put them there, because even though most Stanford community members are mindful of harmful issues like this, the magazines are still sold here. I may also put them in the local Rite Aid or Safeway. I will do what I can to spread the word and encourage other people to participate! Thanks for your amazing work! ”

“Thank you for creating a beautiful action piece!  I would love to spread the word!”

“I am inspired by your project of challenging popular media portrayal of women.

“Thanks so much for creating this terrific project. I hope many women follow up on what you’ve started.”

“What a fabulous and provocative project! I am so glad to know about it and will certainly share…!”

“Just to let you know how thrilling it was to place posters at the airport newsstand and then to stand back and actually see them propped up against magazines!!”

“I think this is going to hit a strong, and positive, nerve with a multitude of folk. All morning, I’ve been forwarding your announcement to others.”



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